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Berryz Kobo has announced their indefinite hiatus. I was there at the very moment and heard their words with my ears. Still I can’t believe what happened even now I’m writing this article. I’d never be able to forget that awkward atmosphere of the venue when Shimizu Saki chan stepped forward as Makoto-san said “Here’s an announcement by Berryz Kobo”. I can tell if Captain’s getting nervous since she can’t help showing it on her face. But at that 
moment I saw something obviously different on her face. Soon as I got a bad feeling, that announcement was put out. Then I got a kind of black out, and felt the world losing reality. I thought it must be a bad joke, only a prank, or just a dream. But the next song started as if nothing had happened, leaving me even unable to tell if it’s for real. And the usual concert scene of the audience waving their glow sticks was no longer real to me at all. I couldn’t accept a world without Berryz Kobo. 

Idols are something just like miracles. They devote their precious and most beautiful periods of their lives into creating shows to enchant us. I knew the enchantment was so fragile that I needed to prepare myself to accept whatever which would happen in future with having my unstinted devotion to them. I thought I was ready for it. But Berryz Kobo had been giving me so beautiful days and so much happiness for these 10 years, that I misunderstood the miracle would last forever. I thought I could continue to watch them forever even if they would have got married, had their children, got habit of drinking and become peevish old women. I just thought they would always be there. 

ベリヲタ歴10年の塚本舞とBerryz工房無期限活動休止の衝撃 | エンタメNEXT - アイドル情報総合ニュースサイト

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